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Support Cedars Tech’s initiative to make Lebanon an attractive country for startups and investors by fostering the development of a knowledge economy in Lebanon.

Help and support ten Lebanese startups to participate under the Lebanese Pavilion at VivaTech 2021 virtual exhibition. Let’s, together, raise 30.000€.

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Cedars Tech

A non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian initiative co-founded by Association Franco-Libanaise des Professionnels de l’Informatique (AFPI), Berytech, Smart ESA, and the Franco-Lebanese Chambre of Commerce to create a strong connection with the Lebanese Diaspora to boost the growth of Lebanese startups and SMEs locally and internationally while creating jobs within Lebanon.

Cedars Tech unites innovative Lebanese companies around a common and strong identity, and builds upon a shared set of values to promote “Made by Lebanese” engineering and to foster cross-fertilization among the Lebanese Technology industry within FinTech, CleanTech, GreenTech, BioTech, etc.


Europe’s biggest startup and tech event taking place in Paris on June 16 – 19, 2021. It is a 4-day annual conference that has become, in only 4 years, the biggest gateway in Europe for innovation actors worldwide. It brings together people, from startups, corporates, and Venture Capitals, to ignite growth, business transformation and positive change.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

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Companies (starting from 300€, invoice upon request by email)


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